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Greetings! Here be my humble works, mostly fanart with a handful of original stuff as well. Hope you take the time to browse! :D


Only the best goes in here. xD


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Shadows dance in my eyes

Kyle blinked into consciousness, feeling a certain weight on his chest manifest. It wasn't heavy, but it was uncomfortable in a cold, ghostly manner. He opened his eyes to behold a darkness that was beyond this world. He suppressed a girlish scream as the realization hit him: he wasn't in South Park, hell, he wasn't even on Earth...

And blood tickles my skin;

Cartman was used to dreaming of violence, and in such dreams he was often involved as a murderer, sometimes the victim. But the feeling of blood was new. The warm liquid trickling down his chest and his sides couldn't have been blood, and this confusion erased the last tendrils of sleep clinging to him. He bolted upright and found himself in the middle of a fountain of brilliant crimson.

Gray lilies buzz with lies—

With a drunken hum, Stan stretched from his rather tight fetal curl. But jagged rocks scratched his arms and back, and a sharp pain coursed through his body in waves. He stood up to welcome horrid reality, for he was not a man who fooled himself with fancies that reality was anything but that. He had to slap himself several times before he was convinced that he was neither dreaming nor tripping.

I die and live again.

The feeling was familiar, welcome. It was the feeling of air rushing through lungs that have forgotten how to breathe, the feeling of blood creeping back through dried capillaries. Despite the pain of bodily expiration, the return to life was always disorienting, painful in its own way—and yet Kenny could never find it in himself to dislike the miracle of waking up once more. Bright daylight was his usual signal to rejoice, but today was definitely strange, for darkness still clouded him. This couldn't be hell...but it sure felt like it, though.

And the worst part was that he saw his three best friends in a circle of confusion around him, staring disbelievingly at the same strange blackness that pressed upon them eerily.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Cartman whispered, more to himself, as he took in his surroundings.

They appeared to be in a damp cavern; many tunnels on the walls led to mysterious black infinities, and the floors were littered with shattered remains of obscurely alien creatures.

Stan sat up rigidly, looking around like a threatened kitten. "A-am I dead?"

Kenny heaved a heavy sigh. At least they looked to be okay. "I don't think so. Is anyone hurt?"

"My head," groaned Stan.

"I can't...I can't move," piped Kyle. "I'm..."

Kenny rose to his feet with urgency, while Cartman, who appeared to have been dumped next to Kyle unceremoniously from somewhere above, moved to inspect the redhead.

"Cold?" Cartman frowned. The Jew was shaking like a wet puppy, and clammy sweat covered his pale skin. He beckoned to Stan, who was still processing his terror. Stan crept toward Kyle on all fours, and on beholding the state of his best friend, he regained his senses at last.

"Kyle, what's wrong? What are you feeling?" Stan fired all these questions while palming Kyle's forehead. "Can you move? What can I do to help?"

A sudden gust of wind knocked off Kenny's hood. They all looked at their unmasked friend who was blushing at his nakedness, but before laughter could ensue, an ethereal, voice spoke to them.

"Young heroes, thank you for answering my summons!" It was a feminine voice, one that reminded them of a sweet grandmother who had too much time and too many ingredients for just one pie. "My name is Luria, and I am the spirit guardian of South Park. You boys have been chosen for a task that will change the face of your planet should you succeed...otherwise, the world will be doomed forever."

"Hold up, hold! Wait, lady," interrupted Cartman. He faced the direction where the ghostly voice seemed to have come from, shielding his three wimpy friends with his large frame. "What makes you think we 'answered' your summons? Who the fuck are you and why are we all in this creepy dump that has ZERO FOOD?"

Stan hung his head in shame. Kenny suppressed a laugh by tightening his hood on.

For a while, there was no response from their otherworldly being. Without warning, the ground began to shake, and then came flash of light like a hundred stars came into existence in the room. The intense light faded slowly, and as it receded they became aware of the faint scent of grassy fields in a summer afternoon. Slowly, they opened their eyes to behold the scenery morphing before them. The mineral deposits, the sharp edges, the black tunnels were gone; rolling hills expanded for miles beyond their horizon. In the middle of this magical, verdant field, a spectral dame enrobed in diamonds dust stood tapping one impatient foot, her hands on her waists.

"Are you freaking happy now? Fuck, all humans are the same, whiny, self-centered jerkwads," she said angrily.

Kenny's heart stopped once he saw her. She had translucent skin like water, and her eyes were like miniature suns: a blazing gold, to match floating strands of pale yellow hair. Her similarly floating gown of sandy jewels hid all of her arms and legs, but showed a tiny fraction of her chest.

"Whoa" was all he could say.

Stan raised his hands beseechingly, "Okay, Luria. We appreciate the nice view, but what does any of this have to do with us? Like my friend said, there was no...summons. (Is that a singular word? Kenny? Cartman? No clue? Huh.) And, and my best friend, something's wrong with him. Please do something."

Luria took one glance at Kyle's crumpled, wheezing form. "Oh, that...shouldn't have happened. Unless he's sick in person, it must be our equipment; there are some maintenance issues in the Spiritual Transport department, sorry. He's gonna be like that for a little while. But back to the point!"

"Wait, that's not fair," Kenny remarked, "You need something from us, but our group is a package deal. (Except maybe the fat one. You can leave him out.) No Kyle, no deal."

"You haven't even heard the deal," retorted Luria. "Seriously, you have no reverence for an immortal spirit. I should just retire and let the next guy deal with this. I could care a lot less, y'know! You live there, and you don't care about your shitty town's well-being. Well EXCUSE ME! I could go have some other town, heck, some other dimension, to watch over instead of your lame, hippie center for fucking idiots!"

"Wait, no, we're sorry." Kenny looked at the other three for approval, and added, "Fine, we'll do what you want."

Luria eyed them for a few seconds, and then sighed in relief. "Well FINALLY. Okay, let's start off with a little incentive."

"YES!" cried Cartman.

Kyle weakly poked his fat belly in response, saying, "It's probably not edible. Or physical. Shut up."

"Stupid Jew, it'll probably be a million dollars!"

Luria sighed again. "When you two kids are done bickering, I'd like to finish this meeting. The longer you stay here, the harder it will be for your bodies to merge with your souls."

Kenny kicked Cartman's shin. "Good going! Let her finish!"

"Why didn't you kick Kyle too? He started it!" Cartman replied, rubbing his sore leg.

Kyle replied pointedly, "I didn't start shit, you fatass! And I'm sick!"

"Boohoo!" Cartman stuck out his tongue and wiped his eyes mockingly, "Poor widdle Kyle cold and helpless like a babyyyy! Meeeem! Meeeeeeeem! I want some titty milk!"

"GUYS!" Stan yelled exasperatedly. "I swear, I don't even know how you two still hang out when you never get along!"

"Sometime in this decade, gentlemen," Luria was tapping her foot again. "Are you really the chosen ones?"

"I guess not," Kenny answered, conspicuously ogling her spiritual breasts. "But I still wanna help!"

"Well gather round and fucking shut those mouths before I seal them for you permanently!" roared Luria. The boys looked among themselves and lined up before the spirit (Kyle with the help of Stan). "Good. Now for the plan."


Elsewhere in the spiritual realm, a dark smoky form hummed along as he traced his faux-finger on a map of the Solar System. The planets formed a crooked line, with the Sun at one end and poor, neglected Pluto at the other end, chasing each other in a gravitational race around the cosmos.

"Right there," he pointed at the blue-green ball of rock. "Stupid Earth."

Beneath this map lay a hundred others: enormous blueprints for the inter-dimensional gateway system that was in the works. Only two decades ago, this spirit himself spearheaded the initiative to simplify the pathways between the normal reality, the spirit realm, the alien dimensions that have always avoided human contact, and several others.

He had bulldozed several of the Sun's neighbors to clear a path for the highways and tollgates. He had worked very hard for this project, so hard in fact that he felt that Destiny itself were trying its damnedest to stop him from completing his life's goal. This shouldn't have been this difficult. He had been an engineer at the Dimensional Embassy for more centuries that he could count. So why the hell wasn't this stupid planet cooperating with his will?!

"Deadline's too close to pick another spot for Gate Number 5E913X-S," he sighed. He reclined on his office chair and whirled around in front of his desk, hoping his assistant wouldn't give him hell this time. "Maybe I just have to check out the site for interference?"


Luria stood behind her four Chosen Ones, touching each one on the back of the head gently with an index finger, Marking them. She whispered ancient words that their tongues and ears may never decipher, but it was fine. It would be a tiny gift, in exchange for the sacrifice that she was about to make them do.

"Close your eyes, children, and hold your breath," she instructed plainly in English now.

They did as they were told, and they were right to be anxious about the procedure. They were promised some sort of aid for their heroic task, but none of them expected the sudden impact of their senses going on overdrive.

Kenny had remained adamant about keeping his eyes open. He felt it first, and he remembered instantly that light was the fastest thing there ever was. But what he perceived was more than just "light", it looked more like an infinite number of white waves branching from all directions. The waves hurt his eyes, hurt his skin. He could see the vessels just beneath his skin pulsating very quickly, his every pore producing sweat that contained a great number of microscopic lifeforms, the lint and dirt on his old parka... In the end he ceded to Luria's initial warning to close his eyes, unable to take any more.

Stan's first reaction was to puke his guts out, or whatever the spiritual counterpart of that was. He vomited something, and his skin prickled. Everything from the air, the smell of the false fields, the warm earth, the distant sun, to his friends' individual scents, these all seemed to have magnified a hundredfold and suddenly invaded his nostrils. He tried to cover his face with his hands, his jacket, his cap, but the sensations didn't cease to overload his brain, and he soon fell unconscious.

Kyle heard a series of booming sounds in a terrifying crescendo. The faint sounds of ruffling hair and clothes in the wind, four out-of-sync heartbeats that he hoped was their own, Luria's worried breathing (he was sure it was worry somehow)--worst of all was Cartman's screaming right next to him. Kyle did his best not to let the black spots in his vision get the better of him, and focused instead on why Cartman was yelling his lungs out:

Because of agony. He gripped his neck as though he were choking, but besides his eyes shut tight and his grinding teeth there was no mark of damage on his plump body. Kyle could hear, but he didn't understand, that Cartman was undergoing tortures of the oral kind. His taste buds had staged a coup for their misuse all his life, and now he was receiving a "taste" of his own bad eating habits. So much salt and sugar; so much sweat, tears, mud and grease. All these seemed to convert into helpless tears and shame until he passed out.

Luria stood cross-armed, shaking her head. She debated whether to take back her gift of heightened perceptions, but the damage was done. They now knew what it was to be pure, to experience the fullness of sight, sound, taste, and smell. Their bodies were now ready to embark on this quest she had assigned them, but the question was...would they even survive the first ten minutes of this overload?


Shadows dance in my eyes
And blood tickles my skin;
Gray lilies buzz with lies
I die and live again.
SP - Awakening 1
Chapter 1 - Awakening

Summary:  Our four young heroes must embark on a series of tasks that will unify their shattered town and bring life, hope, and peace... But a more deadly opponent than petty war awaits them. Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny must find a way to get through their strange quests before this malevolent evil overcomes them and claims the world for his sinister plans! 

Warnings: Language, of course. Boatloads of cursing ahead.

Features: Kyman/Stendy/Kenny being a perv. Also features wild adventures, a mysterious enemy, lots of petty fights between Kahl and Cartman. And an OC which is NOT going to be in a pairing with the main guys.

Disclaimer: This piece of fiction is based on SOUTH PARK, which is owned and copyrighted by Comedy Central/Matt Stone and Trey Parker. 
Also, I borrowed this concept of Awakening the body's sensory perceptions from the series "The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel" by Michael Scott. It's a fantastic six-novel series about magic, friendship, and adventure that you might enjoy if you liked this fic. Do check it out! 

Thanks for reading! Please lend me your thoughts! I have the next chapter written out, but I'm going to write a few more before I post in case I need to change some details. It's gonna be a whimsical ride, so please bear with me! 'Til next time :D


START - Here
NEXT - [link]

Also on! Awakening

Happy birthday deviantArt! Fifteen years! :D


How long have you been on DeviantArt?

    - I just checked...six years? I'm such a lurker. :laughs:

What does your username mean?
    - My nickname Cezille, and the 07 signifies "Dum Zazap", the seventh Universal Sign (kind of a Zodiac in the Monster Allergy universe). Oh man, first fandom nostalgia. :iconimhappyplz:

Describe yourself in three words.
    - Gamer, programmer, artist. That is my nerdy life xD

Are you left or right handed?
    - Right-handed. I know one ambidextrous friend, and she's really cool. I used to practice writing with my left, but drawing or coloring with my left is hopeless. 

What was your first deviation?
    - I copied the cover from W.I.T.C.H. issue 16 (as published in the Philippines). I was pretty proud of it, with some shading and it was sorta anime-ish, which I wasn't really good at (still not). Will and The Heart by Cezille07

What is your favourite type of art to create?
    - Short stories and digital paintings. :D

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    - ANIME/MANGA PLEASE. My hand can't do it, but this is really something I'd like to learn. 

What was your first favourite?
    - IT'S IN STORAGE, and the artist has apparently left. I don't remember what it was. :saddummy:

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    - Deep free-verse poems (for my feels) and digital works with spectacular colorings (for my eyes xD).

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    - There are so many wonderful artists and so many different categories, it'd be unfair to pick a handful. *slinks away stealthily, actually can't name favorites...*

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
    - There are two friends I'd love to meet, KadytheRedPanda and Tetsu-neko; they're wonderful ladies with kickass writing xD

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    - Some have given me confidence, others have given me friendship. As an introvert, those helped out TONS for my personal and artistic growth. THANK YOU! 

What are your preferred tools to create art?
    - Keyboard and tablet. xD

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    - In my room. With some music. I'd usually just be slouched over and typing or drawing away madly for hours at a time. Except now I don't have my own room, it's a shared bedroom. xD

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    - When I submitted some Phineas and Ferb fanarts for the first time, I got a lot of good feedback, which didn't happen in my previous, smaller fandoms. I made some friends, who inspired me to create more art, and the cycle began again. Those were my favorite months on dA. :)


I'd like to extend some greetings and the necessary "SUP Y'ALL!" to my dear watchers and visitors, and thank you for putting up with me for six (or less, doesn't matter :la:) years. Whoa. Here's to more! *cheers*


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

I am...
- Really lazy. Ugh, too lazy to explain. ;D
- A slow-thinker, one-track-minded, obsessive....
- Corny. Joke. No seriously. ;)
- Pedantic~
- Easy to get along with. Trust me. ;D
- Transparent. What you see is what you get. :D
- Not literal. I'm a writer, and language is a huge part of me (yes, include "grammar freak" in my biography). I like idioms and puns and pretty words in varying sentence types.
- A bit technical when it comes to music and literary arts. (Or so I try. xD)
- Too shy for my own good....

I love...
- you, Julian! :heart:
- Computers. xD
- Music!
- Awesome stories with kickass grammar, phrasings, and plots.
- Meeting new people from all over the world. Thank you deviantArt and! I found a couple of great friends from other countries because of fanart. :la:

I can...
- Do anything I set my mind to! If I weren't so lazy. -_-
- Draw, write poetry/short stories/songs, and sing decently. :music:

I do...
- A lot of writing. Fits my background personality. But from behind the stage I intend to rock the world. ;D
- A bit of campaigning for fanfictions as "literature". Literate-ture, okay? Writing may be a good hobby, but great works don't fall from the sky. They're worked on with love and care. Our software engineering teacher always stresses out that quality should be the utmost focus of any undertaking. :)

I think...
- We should save the Earth and go GREEN!
- Racism is STUPID.
- ...I should've planned out what I wanted to say before I started doing this profile update. See, it's cluttered. Sorry. ;)


Other Stuff

Do I do requests?

- No, sorry. Maybe someday.
- ^ That sounds like a Magic 8 Ball response xD

Do I appreciate "fan art" or am I just in it for MY fame?
- I do fanart to express insane love for a series. Also to show the world I can draw and stuff. But I appreciate canon and fanmade works equally, especially if it was a work made with effort and love. :D

Effort or idealism?
- What does this question mean? Like I said in my profile, I analyze things from a formalistic viewpoint. I like works clean, structured, vivid. But then,
not everything has to come in meticulously measured packages. Brilliance can hide in the simplest of stories, the subtlest lines in a painting, and even lack of color could express so much. :)

Current Residence: Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient :D
Favourite genre of music: Any good music, really. Some metal, some rock...and most stuff in between. ^^
Operating System: Windows 8.1 w00t~!
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character(s): ERIC THEODORE CARTMAN (I F'CKING LOVE THIS BAD BOY :heart:), Kyle Broflovski, ZIM, GIR, Dib, Perry the Platypus, Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Ezekiel Zick, Usopp, Sanji
Personal Quote: A life without friends is EMPTY. A life without Love is IMPOSSIBLE. <3

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